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Fast, safe and secure hosting services that you can completely depend on

virtueHosting is our hosting platform. By allowing Digital Virtue to host your website and email, you can be sure you are getting some of the fastest and most reliable hosting services. Digital Virtue use the latest cloud technology to ensure that your website stays online. Cloud technology ensures that no single point of failure in the hosting platform would allow your website to go down.

Within virtueHosting we also offer Microsoft Exchange Cloud email services, which allows you to outsource your email servers and concentrate on running your business. Being a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we can offer free trials of our services including Office 365. Office 365 allows you to rent the normal Microsoft Office Suite of software on a monthly basis, which keeps your up front cost down and ensures you always have the latest version of the software – all with cloud backup.

virtueHosting key benefits are:

  • Offical Microsoft Cloud PartnerScalable, Cloud Hosting services can be upgraded quickly should your website have a sudden surge in traffic
  • Secure – all the latest security upgrades and patches are applied for you
  • Fixed costs
  • Short-term contracts
  • High-speed bandwidth and servers
  • We can offer free trials of our services including Office 365Agency discounts
  • UK-based telephone support
  • Website data backup
  • Desktop and server backup solutions
  • Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Exchange Cloud Email Services

virtueHosting has already helped many businesses save cost and have a more reliable hosting and email system. Contact us to find out how a virtueHosting can help your business.

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